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Tiangong International Company Limited was founded in 1981, covers an area of 1 million 300 thousand square meters, 3200 employees, is China special tool steel, die steel, titanium materials and cutting tool manufacturers, national key high-tech enterprises. Day is 500 Chinese private enterprises, private enterprises Chinese manufacturing industry, 2016 China ranked the top 500 private enterprises in 234Th, Chinese ranked 145 private enterprises in the manufacturing sector, the key Chinese domestic special steel production enterprises, private enterprises and the top ranked day, for five consecutive years has been ranked the world's top three strong die steel enterprises. The first China. Day work has been in the world of high speed tool steel, die steel, cutting tools and other manufacturing areas occupy a pivotal position. After thirty-five years of development, from the day of mining and steel production to scientific research, production and sales system integration tool manufacturing, production equipment and technology with the world's leading industries have obvious advantages. At present, high speed steel, Tiangong mould steel, titanium alloy cutting tools, four main products are widely used in aviation, automotive, high-speed trains and petroleum chemical industry and machinery processing etc. in different fields, such as best-selling Europe and the United States nearly 100 countries and regions of Hongkong, Taiwan. Companies in the United States, India, South Korea, Czech, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Canada and other countries and regions with international sales company, has set up international sales company 11, and will be in Mexico, Thailand set up a sales company, within the next two years, international sales company is up to 20.

Days of the international in July 26, 2007 in the Hongkong Stock Exchange main board listed [Hong Kong stocks number: 00826], its wholly owned subsidiary of the shares in December 3, 2015 in the new three board listed [Code: 834549]. Tiangong adhere to the production and research combined with the road, and the iron and Steel Research Institute jointly established the high speed steel research center, established the high speed steel tools and engineering technology research center and the Southeast University, the establishment of the Jiangsu province post doctoral research station, through the cooperation, day has more than and 100 national patents, greatly enhance the ability of research and development the day of work and production technology.

The production of high speed steel tool products began in 1987, with an annual output of 300 million cutting tools, covering all the hole processing tool products, and the extension of the production of carbide products. In 1992, the production of high-speed steel, the annual production capacity of 50 thousand tons, accounting for about 35% of the total China high-speed steel, high speed steel accounted for 15% of the total, day high speed steel products include round steel, flat steel, steel wire, Fang Gang, straight all types of high speed steel production is Chinese manufacturers the most complete. 2005 to begin production of mold steel products to H10, H11, H13, D2 hot die steel, Cr12MV, DC53, NAK80 as the representative of the cold die steel and P20 plastic die steel die steel, with an annual output of 250 thousand tons, the product covers all products of round steel, flat steel, module etc.. Started in 2012 to produce titanium products, with an annual output of 10 thousand tons of titanium alloy products, including rods, tubes, plates, plates, and wire materials.

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