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The first intelligent robot on tap production line
In the thread mill bed factory tap a door near the left side, a white arm is quickly waved, four fingers skillfully clip with tap semi-finished materials, with a trend of fan. Intelligent robot's first truly this is our factory introduction on tap.
The robot is composed of Shanghai Ming carpenter technology research and development of six axis robot, supporting tap key process thread grinding machine, grinding and two docking system through the intelligent robot and thread, standardization and intelligent thread grinding, can effectively improve the quality of products, realize the standardization of production equipment, and reduce the dependence on human, improve work efficiency.
According to Shanghai Ming's technical personnel, this is the first truly intelligent robot for thread grinding on supporting intelligent upgrade. At present, the first intelligent robot is in the debugging stage, the basic operation of the action is completed, and the system is perfect, and soon will be formally put into production. After the successful will continue to other thread mill bed and related equipment for all intelligent transformation and upgrading.
Equipment intelligent transformation and upgrading, is my company's future development of strategic planning, is an important task of enterprise production and transformation and upgrading. In particular, the production of tools, intelligent production alternative to the labor-intensive mode of production is the inevitable trend of development. According to the company's strategic plan, the next 3 years, the company of intelligent equipment upgrading will reach about 60%, fully reduce the dependence on human production, through one-time investment, reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency and product market competitiveness.
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